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nn.Module: Network Construction

BackgroundTo define our network, we should succeed class nn.Module and implement the function forward. We put all the layers we want in the function __init__() and define how layers connect in function


To use argparse module, we should only know a few functions. 1.Creating a parserparser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Head pose estimation using the Hopenet network.')1.1.Function Detailsdescription: Text to display

History of Deepfake Media Detection

AbstractIn 2017, Reddit user "deepfakes" posted several porn videos on the Internet which were not real, having been created with artificial intelligence. Deepfake is a portmanteau of "deep learning" and "fake", and a

TensorFlow Implementation of DQN for Atari Games

IntroductionConfigurationwin64+Python 3.7+Pycharm+OpenAI gym Prior knowledgeIn paper PlayingAtariwithDeepReinforcementLearning, the author illuminates why he introduces deep learning into reinforcement learning (RL). The author wants to find a general solution to quite