Switching from Atom to VSCodium

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Switching from Atom to VSCodium

Atom is a flexible and powerful editor made by GitHub. I have been coding with it for years and I loved it. But it takes up many resources including CPU and I/O and sometimes leads to lagging on my old workstation. With hesitation, I eventually switch to VSCodium.

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VSCodium is the free-licensed binary release of VSCode. The source code of the latter is open under MIT license, but the artifacts available for downloading are licensed under not-FLOSS license and contains telemetry components.

Of course there are some controversies over the project itself. But VSCodium makes it possible to have a too powerful yet clean VSCode.

Flatpak or Native Package?

All of VSCode, VSCode OSS and VSCodium are available from Flatpak Hub. However, if you use Flatpak version, you will find it is impossible to run some commands due to Flatpak's sandbox model.

Installing php in the sandbox or making host php command accessible · Issue #22 · flathub/com.visualstudio.code.oss
Hello, I have installed some extensions that need php to work (PHP IntelliSense and Code Runner) but is not available in the sandbox. I have seen #14 and #21 threads but i have found no solution to...

There are also warnings from VSCodium Flatpak package. This is definitely a bad news for integrations and project automation (or CI). So I choose to follow the official instructions to install official RPM package.

White-spaces and Rulers

Unlike Atom, white-spaces and 80 characters line cannot be turned on in the preferences panel. If you miss them like I do, open settings.json and add the following options.

    "editor.renderWhitespace": "all",
    "editor.rulers": [80, 120]


VSCodium has a lot of functions built-in so I can install a lot fewer numbers of extensions.

  • Django
  • Python Extension Pack
  • Vue VS Code Extension Pack
  • vuetify-vscode
  • Search Docsets
  • .gitignore Generator

It can still provide fast speed and instant response after installing these tools for my current project.

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