The Best Design is Others' Design

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The Best Design is Others' Design

There're always some classic design that will appear on products. However, when those design combinations are highly alike, products become identical and some of them are absolutely doing plagiarism.
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Jonsbo QT 03 and Fractal Design Families

What's Wrong with Mobile Phones?[1]

OnePlus 3/3T, Huawei Mate S and Samsung C Series

OnePlus 3/3T
Samsung C9 Pro
Samsung C7 Pro
Huawei Mate S

You see the difference? It's reasonable for Samsung family that shares a likey design. But why it goes on with other brands?

Samsung, OnePlus 5, OPPO R11 and Vivo X9s and Meizu Family

Let's play a game: guess the model.
Would you like some hints? Here it is.
So, what's your answer? I just don't get one.

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